We Are Curry On The Street

Taking steps to turn people’s lives around and make a difference

About Us

Curry On The Street is dedicated to helping those who need it most in the Burnley and Nelson area

We’ve helped hundreds of people in need to get a warm belly of food when they had no other place to turn to.

Our dedicated and passionate team of individuals make it their aim to volunteer and help others every single week. We couldn’t be prouder of the tremendous work we’ve achieved in helping those from unfortunate backgrounds.

Curry On The Street is lovingly supported by both NCM and  Pendle Dogs In Need. Together with these organisations, we are able to help all those that are vulnerable, homeless, and in need of help.

Curry On The Street was started over a year ago by James and since then we’ve helped hundreds of people in the local area. Every single week, we are able to give at least 120 bags of shopping to the community. Not only that, but Pendle Dogs In Need also provide free dog food, help with dog coat trimming, and advice. This includes to those who are battling homelessness, addiction, mental health issues, and other types of abuse. We have never felt more proud to work together to combat the issue of poverty and neglect in the local area and we welcome all to come and join in in the fight against poverty. We believe that no human or animal should have to go hungry.

In fact, many of our volunteers have at one time or another fell victim to either addiction, extreme poverty, mental health problems, depression, or suicidal thoughts. They were able to turn their lives around and gain a fresh start and now they are wanting to show others that it’s possible for them to do the same. At Curry On The Street, we are all united in our passion to help those in need and give them a second chance at life because we know just how it feels to be at rock bottom.

Where you can find us


Thursday – Saturday at 6 pm outside Jack Foultons


Sunday at 6:30 pm at Keirby walk behind the Keirby hotel

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